Facebook Marketing For Loan Officers… Generate Mortgage Leads

You Can Generate Mortgage Leads On Facebook!

 Learn How To Use The Most Popular Social Media Site In The World To Connect With Prospects That Are Ready To Buy Or Refinance A Home Today...

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If you are like most loan officers, you know that Facebook can be a gold mine for mortgage loans but you have NO CLUE how to actually find those prospects and connect with them.  With Ultimate Facebook Marketing for Loan Officers we give you a 7 Video Training Series that will show you exactly what you need to know to pick up loans on Facebook. 

Here Is What You Can Expect To Learn With This Training Program:

Discover a tiny little secret Facebook button that will change the way you market on Facebook

Learn how to build Realtor relationships, and earn referrals on Facebook 

Learn how to get more Likes, Shares, and Comments on everything you post on Facebook

How To Find FHA Mortgage holders on Facebook that are ready to lower their Mortgage Insurance (Streamline Refi's)

How to use CHEAP paid advertising to guide highly targeted prospects to your landing page or online application

Content Idea's! Find some great ideas on what to post to encourage people to raise their hand and ask for a mortgage

Find out what your competition is doing and do it 10 X Better

Over 2 Hours of training video as you watch over my shoulder as I walk you through these techniques

Much, Much more

As you know, the competition in our industry is at an all time high and finding new ways to fill up our mortgage pipelines is more important now, than ever.  The good news is that you are probably pretty familiar with how to use Facebook and almost everyone in your city know how to use it too. With over a Billion users on Facebook, now is the time to find out the secrets that the top marketing experts in the business use to generate leads for their loan officers

Pick up your copy of Ultimate Facebook Marketing for Loan Officers today with a 30 Day NO RISK Money Back Guarantee. If you don't learn at least 1 thing about how to increase your marketing effectiveness on Facebook then you can return it for a refund.


Ultimate Facebook Marketing For Mortgage Loan Officers

Still Struggling To Get Realtor Referrals For Mortgage Leads?

Are you still struggling to get Realtor's to refer potential mortgage buyers to you?

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A lot of loan officers spend way too much time WISHING to become the GO TO lender for top real estate agents in their market. I have news for you, if you are still trying to go about it the same way that you were 5 years ago and you still aren't having any luck - you may want to try a new approach.

The real estate business has drastically changed over the past decade and it is time that you make some changes too. With almost every real estate office having an expensive marketing agreement in place with a big mortgage lender, it is almost impossible to get your foot in the door to meet some new agents and try to generate that referral business that you have been looking for.

EVERY home buyer is looking online to find a house now, and many times this is before they even contact a Realtor. Realtors know this and have flocked to real estate sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com to try to make their presence known.

Whether you realize it or not these agents are spending thousands of dollars per year to be found on these sites.

So, what does this mean for you?

It means that if you are willing to help share in a little bit of this marketing expense with the agent you can be featured on these sites right along side them, and also have your foot in the door with them to be able to set up a long lasting partnership!

Not sure how to do this? Click here to get the details now! This is going to be a huge purchase year, and you don't want to miss the fun!

Do you have your own Mortgage Blog?

Do you have your own mortgage website? 

Chances are, you may have your picture and phone number on your company website but they may not be doing a great job of promoting you.

Recently, I decided to put together a product to help loan officers learn how to create their own mortgage minisites to help them promote themselves in the market place.

If you are looking for a way to generate your own mortgage leads, and have prequalified leads to hand out to your real estate partners then you will want to check this out.

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