My Top 7 Ways To Generate Mortgage Leads This Week!

In our quest to be the “Ultimate Loan Officer” we are always looking for ways to find more mortgage deals. Lead generation is the life blood of our business and whether we buy the leads or generate our own, the quality of leads that we get will determine the success of our month and eventually our year.

Mortgage marketing if something that I really enjoy, and I wanted to give you an updated list of my Top 7 Ways To Generate Mortgage Leads along with a few links to some tools that I use to help me in this endeavor.

1.)    Facebook Fan Pages:  We all love Facebook, and more importantly 99% of our customers love it to. It is addicting for most people and this is music to the ears of a mortgage marketer.  If you haven’t set up a Facebook Fan Page for you as an individual Loan Officer, you need to do it today. (Assuming your compliance department will allow you to.)

Facebook Fan Pages offer a fantastic way for you to celebrate your mortgage successes without people feeling like you are “Spamming” their Walls. People can Like and Unlike your page anytime and they know if they like your Business Fan Page, they will probably see some mortgage business related items on the page.  Work hard to grow your page, and it can be a great way to remind people what you do and why they should use you.

Don’t be shy in posting pictures of your closings, events, etc.  People want to work with experts and if they see you are busy, they will assume that you are the Loan Officer for them.

Click here if you would like to learn other ways to promote your mortgage business on Facebook.

2.)    Zillow / Trulia / Boomtown /  The internet is buzzing with new and popular real estate websites such as Zillow.  Real Estate agents are seeing great results by using these tools, and they are always looking for partners to help them offset their marketing costs.  If you know of an agent that is using these type of programs, you may want to approach them and ask if you can do some co marketing with them.  You might just see that your business will evolve in ways that you had never dreamed of before.

Click here if you would like to learn more about how to grow your business using Zillow and other similar websites.

3.)    Linkedin Stalking:  You heard me right, you can generate mortgage leads by “stalking” your contacts on Linkedin.  Of course I am kidding right?  Not really… Linkedin is considered the leading online social media site for business people and it is where a lot of successful professionals hang out online.  If you keep an eye on the announcements each day, you may find that a friend of yours has gotten a new job and may be interested in relocating. You may also find a friend who just graduated college and is beginning their first job.  Whatever the case may be for your contacts, you are bound to find a lead or two buried within your Linkedin Contacts.

Click here If you would like to learn more about how to grow network on Linkedin.

4.)    Networking: You can not hide behind your desk all day and expect to get referrals from others in the community.  If you want to build your referral business you will need to be visible to others.  A great way to do this is by joining or starting a local BNI group.  You can also get involved with community projects, and simply use this time to help others while getting to know some new people.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, you may be surprised at what some new people in your life can do for your business.

5.)    Past Clients:  If you haven’t figured out that you need to stay in contact with your past clients by now, you may have no future in this business?  If you have been in the mortgage business for more than a couple of years than you should have a decent sized database of clients that you have closed.  Homeowners move or refinance every 3 to 7 years and if you can figure out a system to stay in touch with people like this you will be ahead of 90% of the other Loan Officers that you are competing against.

Nothing is worse than that sinking feeling that you get when you find out a past client just purchased a new home.  It has happened to all of us… and we can avoid it by simply staying in front of them – month after month.  Create a newsletter or direct mail system that will touch these people at least 4 times per year, the more times you are in front of them the more successful you will be with this approach.

6.)    Co Marketing:  I mentioned this technique a little earlier when discussing Zillow and Trulia regarding Real Estate Agents, but you can also Co Market with other professionals too!  Consider calling your favorite insurance agent and do a direct mail piece to their list of customers.  Why not call the Financial Planner that you went to college with and see if they would like to direct mail a neighborhood with you in search of new clients.  The opportunities are endless if you use your imagination… and your rolodex.

7.)    Facebook Ads:  Facebook is an Awesome tool when it comes to promoting yourself for FREE but many don’t realize how cheap it is to actually run ads on the site.  You can boost your favorite Fan Page post for $5 and get it in front of hundreds of people.  You can advertise on there to grow your Likes for your Fan Page or group.  There are all kinds of ways to promote your services on Facebook, so jump on the site today and click on the Ad Manager portion of your Facebook page to learn more.

Click here if you are interested in learning more about cheap Facebook Advertising

Best of luck with your mortgage marketing efforts and I hope some of these ideas will help get your mind moving in the direction of how you can generate more leads this week!

*Please note that you need to check with your compliance department and state/federal guidelines before using any of these tips. Be sure they are legal in your area before starting them. Also, some of the links in this article are affiliate links and Ultimate Loan Officer may be compensated for referring you to them.




Leads From Last Week…

I hope you have had a great weekend!  I was sitting here thinking about last week's mortgage activity that I had, and I realized that I had 7 new leads from my Realtor Partners last week. Each of these leads were hopeful homeowners seeking me out, asking me what options that I had that could work for them.

This is a nice change from the way that I used to generate mortgage deals... through cold calling internet leads.  A lot of people have success with internet leads, but it just isn't my kind of fun.  It is nice when borrowers are calling you - ready to use you.  Having clients that are already convinced -by their Realtor nonetheless- ready to use, it makes my job so much easier.

I owe a big part of my origination success over the past 12 months to Zillow.

If you would like to learn more about how you can increase your referrals from Zillow - Click Here!  Zillow Domination for Loan Officers

Billion Dollar “Mortgage Marketing” Bracket

If you have been reading our blog for very long, you know that I have referred to Quicken Loans a few times discussing a few of their marketing ideas. The reason that I mention them from time to time is because they stand out more than anyone else on a national level when you think about mortgage lenders.  And… the fact is, they are pretty good at it.

If you work for Quicken, you know that they have a great marketing department and deep pockets when it comes to trying to generate leads for their staff.Billion-Dollar-Bracket1

Quicken has now decided to jump in to my favorite part of the year… March Madness!

Everyone has been talking about how Warren Buffet is offering the Billion Dollar Bracket for anyone who guesses the outcome of every game in the NCAA tournament.

But, what you may not have noticed is that Quicken Loans is heavily involved and have turned a basketball tournament into a mortgage lead generation opportunity.

I quickly found when logging onto the contest site to submit my bracket, that my opportunity to win a billion dollars was actually adding me to Quicken’s mailing list. In fact, the form itself asked me if I owned a home, what my current interest rate was, or if I wanted to buy a home.

This is a very cool idea and with the millions of people that submitted their brackets, I would love to know how many of these entry’s will actually turn into a loan for Quicken.

bracket formThey will probably never release this info, but the publicity that they are getting throughout this month is almost priceless.

Whether you like Quicken or not, their marketing is always entertaining and original.

You may not be able to do something of this size with your mortgage marketing budget, but you can certainly employ the direct marketing techniques that Quicken has done.

Here are a few ways that you can use Direct Marketing in your mortgage business:

1.)    Run your own contest on Facebook. You don’t have to give away a billion bucks, but maybe you could run a contest and give away a gift card of some type for the winner.  Use a similar “opt in” form for people to enter and ask them if they own a home, etc.

2.)    Use your blog, Facebook page,or Linkedin Profile to offer a Free List of foreclosed homes. If they want access, have them complete a short form with your autoresponder and continue to  market to them via email long after you have sent out your list of homes.

3.)    You can also use your print ads to advertise your offer.  Offer that list of homes or a free e-report on how they can buy a home with $0 down.

Be creative with your mortgage marketing and you will start to see some fresh deals starting to fill your pipeline.

Good luck with your Billion Dollar Brackets, and your Mortgage Lead Generation!  : )