Zillow + Trulia = Huge Opportunity For Mortgage Loan Officers!


By now, you have probably heard the news that Zillow and Trulia have finalized their $2.5 Billion dollar merger in an effort to join forces and pick up a larger piece of the real estate marketing that is done online by Realtors, homeowners, mortgage loan officers, insurance agents, and more.  The deal took nearly 7 months to get approved, but now that it is you will want to keep your eyes open to what the Zillow Group will roll out next.

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Zillow continues to attract more than twice the visitors that Realtor.com does and this should be a very important fact when you think about your mortgage marketing.

As loan officers, we can use Zillow to tap into prospective home buyers in our market. Whether through the Mortgage Marketplace, Real Estate Agent Co Marketing, Buying Zillow Leads, etc... There are several ways to position yourself in a way that will allow you to tap into the Zillow potential.

One great way to do this is to use the Zillow Advice section on Zillow.com and build a following by helping others.

With Zillow Advice, you can easily monitor and answer questions that prospects may have about the home buying process, mortgage process, or mortgage qualifications.

The Zillow Advice page is very active and gets nearly 40,000 contributions per day. Many of these come from people who are interested in buying a home soon.  By keeping an eye on the questions that are consistently asked, you can be one of the first mortgage professionals to help with the questions.  This will position you as an expert, and can also lead to prospects checking out your Zillow Profile and your mortgage services.

To get started you can simply go to the Zillow site and click on the advice tab at the top. You can scroll through the thousands of questions that are on there, and even search for your city or state to see questions that may pertain to you.

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Does It Pay To Be Persistent With Your Mortgage Marketing?

It is 1 am on a Saturday morning and I am listening to a fantastic motivational speaker on Youtube and he said something that clicked with me... "YOU HAVE TO BE PERSISTENT, TO BE SUCCESSFUL!".

Think about it, if you are persistent in your mortgage marketing you can WIN at this business.  You can not give up after the first phone call... keep trying.  You can not give up after the first email... keep trying!  You can not give up after the first meeting... keep trying!

Why would you want to do this?

Have you ever bumped into a friend at the grocery store that you had not seen for a few months and you ask them how it is going and they say...

"It's going great... we just bought a house!"

In your mind you are screaming... WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL ME????????

You don't hear another word that person says, and it eats at you for the next few days.  And you know what? It should eat you up... you blew it! Seriously...

You cost yourself and your family several thousands dollars by not being remembered by your "friend".

As loan officers, we can not afford to not be remembered... we need everyone to know what we do, but we have to remind them often!

You may be thinking, "Nathan, I am too busy...I don't have time to do all of this stuff."

You have time. You can't afford to not have the time...

There are ways to automate your persistence.  Here are 3 ways to easily automate your Mortgage Marketing.

Email Marketing: Did you realize that you can get an autoresponder for less than $30 per month that can automatically reach out to your realtors, customers, past leads, and prospect each and every month so that they don't have an option to forget you.

Hootsuite: This is a great program that can help you automate your Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter posts.  Spend 2 hours per month scheduling your social marketing and let it run on autopilot.

Facebook: FB has a "Scheduled Post" option that allows you to post a group of posts to your Fan Page for months in advance. Take a little time to create some posts now and this will help you be remembered.

Don't get so wrapped up in this months Loan Hot List that you don't have time to cultivate a fresh group of leads in the coming weeks and months.

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Facebook Marketing For Loan Officers… Generate Mortgage Leads

You Can Generate Mortgage Leads On Facebook!

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As you know, the competition in our industry is at an all time high and finding new ways to fill up our mortgage pipelines is more important now, than ever.  The good news is that you are probably pretty familiar with how to use Facebook and almost everyone in your city know how to use it too. With over a Billion users on Facebook, now is the time to find out the secrets that the top marketing experts in the business use to generate leads for their loan officers

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